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Transform your best content, copy, and communications into amazing, non-repetitive AI with our custom training templates.

Custom AI for Enterprise Writers

Unleash your text data's potential with our AI training templates. Generate AI content with your own data for better SEO, lead generation, and easier report writing.

AI-Content Generator for Content at Scale

Generate authentic long-form blog posts in minutes from a keyword, with the most humanlike text available.

Accurate & Fact-checked Content

Generate content for your enterprise that resonates with your audience and is backed by trustworthy sources, up-to-date information, and thorough fact-checking.

Boost ROI with Novus Writer

Scale Your Content & Maintain Your Brand Voice

The Writer is for professional writers who need to create content at scale while preserving originality and brand voice. Educate your models and pair them with the intended scenarios.

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Write At Scale With Brand Voice Intact

The Writer offers various communications, copy and content templates along with features such as fact-check, plagiarism check and proofreading. By combining your data with our AI, you'll have a powerful content tool at your disposal.

Train the Writer with your own data.

You can train the Novus' AI Writer & templates to emulate your style by providing them with your most effective content, copy, and communication strategies.

SEO blog posts for effective content scaling.

The Writer is an AI SEO content generator capable of processing data in any format. Consistently performs 30% higher than other solutions.

"Novus empowers me to share quantum insights with tech enthusiasts effortlessly in record time."

Meltem Tolunay

Researcher, Stanford University

"Novus saves 50% content creation time with specialized AI, ensuring my creations stand out uniquely."

Alessandro Tentoni

Partnership Manager

"Novus condenses a year's worth of SEO benefits into just three months."

Deniz Bensusan

Founder, KLOK

"Novus transforms traditional to innovative, presenting a robust vision and tech arsenal."

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Media & Strategy Development Specialist, Marketing Tรผrkiye