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Creating Credible AI Content

Özge Yıldız
September 12, 2023

In today's world, where AI content generation has become quite common, the issue of the trustworthiness of the content produced cannot be ignored. Many companies are using advanced AI technologies like Novus Writer to streamline their content creation process. However, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the content generated is a major concern.

So, how can you ensure trustworthy AI content, and how does Novus ensure that the content generated by its platform is reliable and accurate?

Let's delve deeper into the challenges surrounding AI content generation and explore how Novus ensures trustworthy AI content.

Why Trust Is Essential for AI-Generated Content

There are multiple reasons why trust matters when it comes to AI content generation. A few key concerns businesses face include:

  • Fact-checking, bias, and inaccuracies: AI technology is generally programmed with datasets from the internet. Therefore, the risk of AI-generated content not being entirely factual or accurate is high. Bias can also be introduced into the content due to the way the data is sourced and analyzed, leading to a skewed perspective.
  • Plagiarism and copyright violations: There is a risk that AI models may unintentionally generate content that is identical or too similar to that of others, putting content creators at risk of copyright infringement.

Novus Guarantees Credible AI-Generated Articles

Novus recognizes the significance of providing authentic and accurate content to its customers. Therefore, we take several steps to ensure the reliability of the AI-generated content.

Fact-checking AI-generated content using AutoML

One of the primary measures that Novus uses is fact-checking and reviewing the AI-generated content. 

Novus is using AutoML technology to detect false information, fake news, and manipulated content with high accuracy. 

AutoML stands for Automated Machine Learning, which is an emerging technology in the field of artificial intelligence. It allows for the creation of machine-learning models with minimal human intervention. 

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML):

  • Provides Novus machine learning capabilities to classify and verify information. 
  • Allows for the quick and efficient analysis of vast amounts of data to ensure accurate real-time fact-checking.

With Novus's efficient and accurate automated machine learning system, we can combat the spread of misinformation and make the online world a safer and more accurate place for all. 

How do curated data sources and Knowledge Graphs offer trustworthy AI content?

Another approach Novus uses to ensure trustworthy AI content is by using knowledge graphs and curated data sources. The AI models use verified, high-quality data sources to generate content, ensuring the information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant. These curated data sources are systematically reviewed and updated to ensure all the data used is verifiable, authentic, and trustworthy.

How does the use of multiple AI models ensure trustworthy AI content?

Novus uses multiple AI models and Custom AI templates to generate content, which helps reduce the risk of bias and inaccuracies. The use of various models and Custom AI can generate diverse content, providing users with a range of perspectives and opinions. This approach guarantees that content generated by the AI models is not skewed toward a particular viewpoint.

How does Novus avoid plagiarism and copyright violations?

Novus has implemented a comprehensive solution that helps avoid any similarities between its content and that of others. The AI models have been trained to analyze the content and ensure that it is original and does not infringe copyright laws.

How can you ensure trustworthy AI content?

In addition to the measures taken by Novus, there are several other steps businesses can take to ensure the trustworthiness of their AI-generated content:

  • Invest in fact-checking: Invest in tools and processes that can help ensure the accuracy of the content generated by the AI technology.
  • Use diverse data sources: Using diverse data sources can help ensure that the content generated by the AI models is comprehensive and accurate.
  • Review the content before publishing: Always review the content generated by the AI models thoroughly to eliminate any errors or inaccuracies.


Ensuring trustworthy AI content is a crucial aspect of AI content generation. By following the guidelines and measures outlined above, businesses can ensure that their AI-generated content is trustworthy and reliable.

At Novus, we believe in providing trustworthy AI-generated content and take several measures to ensure its reliability. Our fact-checking and reviewing processes, use of knowledge graphs and curated data sources, multiple AI models, and plagiarism prevention solutions all come together to provide our customers with trustworthy and reliable AI content generation.

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